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Boiler Insurance

Over 20 million UK households rely on a natural gas boiler / central heating system for their hot water and heating needs.

Typically, when a problem occurs with your boiler it can be very expensive to repair.

Boiler repairs are not normally covered by standard home insurance, therefore for peace of mind and protection against unexpected repair bills, a form of boiler insurance and certainly specially tailored boiler insurance for landlords is highly recommended throughout the industry.

There are various forms of boiler insurance and central heating insurance available, so reading the small print from boiler insurance providers is imperative to ensure you are getting the best cover.

Generally the types of boiler insurance / central heating insurance available are:

  • Boiler and controls only
  • Boiler and controls with service
  • Full central heating system only
  • Full central heating system with service
  • Plumbing and drains cover are frequently offered as an add on but will incur additional charges

This list is not exhaustive as most boiler insurance providers offer a confusing array of combinations of various options.

Other points to consider when shopping around for boiler insurance or a central heating insurance are:

  • The number of callouts you can make in a year
  • The maximum repair cost covered per callout
  • Any excess charges that are payable
  • The maximum age of boiler that the provider will cover
  • The ‘small print’ – If there is ‘small print’, beware – there will probably be a few carefully hidden catches !

At All England Gas Services our Homeowner and Landlord cover products are technically service agreements which means we do not have to charge our customers Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

Also, because our policies are not underwritten, we do not have to penalise our customers because of the age of their boiler, their postcode or the number of times they need to call us out.

Our prices have remained the same for all our customers for the last three years.

Further, our written contracts are in a standard font size and are clear and fair – you will not find any ‘small print’ with hidden additional charges.

You will also see that our products cover your entire central heating system, internal plumbing and internal drains with no additional ‘add on’ charges.

So, if you are considering purchasing boiler insurance or central heating insurance, you will most likely find our products to be more economical and less restrictive than those of our competitors.

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