RatesMon-Fri 8.00am. - 18.00pmMon-Fri 18.00pm. - 7.00amSats & Suns 24 hrs
Standard hourly Rate£75.00 p/h£115.00 p/h£130.00 p/h
Emergency Call-Out£95.00 (includes first ½ hour on site)£125.00 (includes first ½ hour on site)£150.00 (includes first ½ hour on site)
Annual Boiler Service£75.00*
Annual Boiler Service with CP12£95.00* + £25.00 for each additional appliance
Relighting & Testing of Gas Appliances after disconnection£90.00*
Gas Fire ServiceDependent on type of fire - please contact us to obtain a quote.
Gas Safety Check/CP12£75.00* Boiler with up to x2 appliances + £25.00 per additional appliance
Electrical Inspection Condition Report£220.00 up to 6 Circuits £55.00 for each additional circuit
  • All prices exclude parts.
  • All prices hereby referred are subject to Central Heating Systems with a maximum output of 40kw. Anything over and above   this output size will require a different gas boiler service cost.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT
  • £20 will be added to the above pricing and/or gas boiler service cost if you live within a Congestion Charge Zone
  • All fixed price work carries a 12 month Guarantee

*Denotes fixed price work.

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